Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wow - The Birthday month is taking it totally out of me...but I'm loving it. Started YOGA
Potter Party - Professor Harrington's Butterbeer 7/20
Dinner - Shannon & David 7/19
Bastille Day Celebration...Mississippi Street Fair Happy B-Day to Me 7/14
Pressies - Victoria Secret/Homicide DVD/Prince Perfume/Tapioca
Cathedral Park Jazz Fest 7/21-7/22 Volunteered
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels w/Jason - Dinner& Drinks @ VC 7/12
Saw Tom Grant @ Wilf's w/ Jason - Dinner @ Drinks @ Teardrop in the Pearl 7/18
Lunch - Michael 7/12
Alex - Yard Sale 7/22
Caitin & Josh get Married 7-7-07
Blanca Sangria BBQ - Brandi-Erica-Rachel-Lexi 7/8
Take Tara to Brunch - Wow she looks so happy & pregnant 7/21
David's B-Day Lunch 7/5
Kai's B-Day Bike Accident
Dueling calls all month w/James - it's a James free July!
Happy 1 Year Anniversary in the new Condo!


Saturday, December 28, 2002

Boldly I travel!
Welcome to Shopping Hell!
I managed to avoid all conspicious consumption and focus on the meaning of life, love and Christmas until today, when I entered shopping hell!

Oh My God! The inhumanity of if all.
All wanted was to buy 2 chairs for my living room...saw the ad...drove around til I fell upon the Sawgrass Mills store...They didn't have the chairs I wanted. Drove to my office - called the store I know had my chairs - they won't honor the ad.
Called the store from home - ran my story by another saleswoman. Still no go, BUT I got her to listen (Joan) and she says she'll pass on my request to the store Manager Len Eby.

Meanwhile, I googled the corporate office in Monroe Michigan, home of La -Z- Boy and got a name and a fax #. Wrote a wonderful, detailed to the max, kick ass fax! Fax won't configure. By this time it's midnight and I've invested 4.5 hours in this quest.

Will I quit now? Hell no! I get online..go to and e-mail the company.

Let's see what happens next in the Quest for Furniture!

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Oh my god...has it come to this?

A house, a dog, a very fulfilling job and a business of my own. Who knew? I did!


Increase charitable donations and activities.
Count my blessings more often.
Take a deep breath.
Slow down.